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Resource Sharing by Forming China Asia Assc. Univ.

        Since 2012, this school, Asia University (AU), has united with China Medical University (CMU) to form a united university, called China Asia Associated University and abbreviated as CAAU, aiming to complement each other's strengths and share each other's resources. This unification results in strengthening greatly the school-running capabilities of the two sides, allowing students entering one university to enjoy the use of two universities' resources. AU has so become an excellent choice for seeking an advanced degree. More details about resource sharing and school-running cooperation of CAAU are listed in the following.


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1   Academic resource sharing --- sharing course, teaching, and publication resources
2   Teaching-excellence alliance --- establishing strategic alliance of teaching-excellence projects
3   Research cooperation --- setting up cooperative-research platforms, projects, and laboratories
4   General-affair experience exchange --- exchanging and promoting experiences of services and other general affairs
5   Collaboration of extension works --- conducting industry-academia cooperation projects and extension education together
6   Library and networking resource sharing --- sharing resources related to books and networking equipments
7   Inter-school activity and team collaboration --- holding activities together and forming joint teams for various competitions
8   Conducting united propaganda --- carrying out publication, selling, propaganda, and international affairs together


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